Twirling Toward Alchemy: Shaking Up Predictability

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e-book Twirling Toward Alchemy: Shaking Up Predictability

Return to Book Page. Cast Your Vote. With inspection, I realized my upper lip had tripled in size. My lip had been burning all night, after all. I had duck lips! Smearing lip balm all over them, I blew it off. But as I walked down the stairs I realized I was having a hard time lifting my legs.

And I felt terrible. My body was literally moving in slow motion. My electrician, Miguel, was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. A formal Latin man, kind and very polite, I should have known how bad I looked by his reaction. He cringed slightly as I faced him. For the duration of our conversation he did his best not to look at my lower face. Despite my efforts to get his attention his gaze remained locked onto my eyes.

His focus was most impressive! As everyone broke for lunch I decided to as well. I found my friend Natalee happily chatting with a friend. Speaking with her briefly, I felt myself drift off to sleep. Something was very wrong and I knew it. Walking into the waiting room I was grateful to be the only one there. But thirty minutes later I was released with no findings.

American R/evolution

I was worse, actually. There is far more to the story, an otherworldly aspect, but I am in the process of sharing that in my forthcoming series. In the midst of my personal chaos, I was scheduled to appear at a conference in Sedona, AZ. Although I was excited about delivering my lectures the timing was a bit challenging.

Homer Shaking

Nevertheless, I dropped everything and headed out. The only wildcard was the delivery of my new geometry. My plan was to present the geometry at the conference but the Universe had another idea. We hit a wall for the very first time since we began our work together.

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One after another, issues arose that hindered completion of the geometry. The only available option was for him to complete incredibly complex work manually but the time required would be mind-blowing.

Arriving in Sedona, I scrapped my talks and went about the task of creating three new lecturers. My audiences were wonderful and very interested in learning about ascension, frequency and particularly about our alien counterparts. Although I was unable to premier the new geometry, I did introduce something new, or rather, someone. Earlier in the day, I unexpectedly added two slides to my final slideshow. It was a strange thing to do since I had no intention of presenting them.

One slide was a portrait of two alien beings, a male and female, and the other slide was of a single being. At the end of the lecture I was surprised when Ahy telepathically suggested I reveal them. But in a split second I surprised even myself when I shared the first slide with the conference attendees. It was a portrait of Ahy and me.


The image represented our energetic states from our life on Earth. As I turned to see our blue faces on the giant screen, I heard gasps and from the corner of my eye I caught people straightening in their seats. After briefly explaining our history I tried to close the conference. He has been illustrated twice vashta. Whisperer, Rob Gauthier etwhisperer.

I love how our higher fractals inspire us this way! I clicked his image on the screen and immediately I knew why. And in doing so, everyone in the room experienced a boost in their frequency.

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It was a wonderful experience. The conference ended and I headed to Phoenix to catch my flight. It was very early in the morning and the sky was still heavy with stars. As I approached a canyon I noticed a brilliant blue and white ball shooting across the sky from right to left directly in front of me.


But it was too large to be a star and too fast to be a plane. As it blazed across the sky with a long brilliant tail it suddenly disappeared into the canyon wall. The craft moved through an invisible wall. I caught you! I spent the next few seconds nervously laughing and staring at the same spot in hopes it would reappear. But something was weird.

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