Trio Sonatain A Major (score) - Op. 4, No. 3

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Handel for violin and viola. Hoffstetter, Roman String Quartet for quintet, f. Kreisler, Fritz Liebesfreud for violin and piano Liebesleid for violin and piano Praeludium and Allegro for violin and piano Schon Rosmarin for violin and piano. Lavallee, Calixa O Canada! Massenet, Jules Meditation from Thais f.

Mazas, Jaques Fereol Duet Op. Miscellaneous - Amazing Grace Amazing Grace f. Miscellaneous - Halloween Collections Halloween Collection f.

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Miscellaneous - Wedding Collections Wedding Collection parts for string quartet Wedding Collection for clarinet, violin and cello Wedding Collection for flute, violin and cello Wedding Collection for piano quintet Wedding Collection for string trio violin, viola and cello Wedding Collection for three violins Wedding Collection for two violins Wedding Collection for two violins and cello Wedding Collection for two violins and piano Wedding Collection for two violins and viola Wedding Collection for violin and cello Wedding Collection for violin and guitar Wedding Collection for violin and harp Wedding Collection for violin and piano organ Wedding Collection for violin and viola Wedding Collection for violin, cello and piano.

Mysliwecek, Josef Trio Op. Pachelbel, Johann Canon in D and Gigue f. Paganini, Nicolo Caprices Op. Purcell, Henry Trumpet Voluntary and Hornpipe f. Rachmaninoff, Serjeij Vocalise Op. Rieding, Oskar Concertino in D major Op. An exciting and original-sounding quartet by the most important Brazilian composer of the late 19th cent. Tremendous masterpiece, superbly combines Brazilian melody with the late romantic idiom.

A wistful, evocative work equally effective as a string trio or for clarinet, viola and cello. A chamber music tone poem "Festival in a Swiss Village"--in the tradition of Beethoven's 6th symphony. An early modern work, very advanced for its time in both its ideas and tonalities.

The first of his trail-blazing quartets which opened new paths for 20th cent composers. A pioneering work full of unusual ideas and daring tonalities for that time Powerful, tonally advanced, highly original and well ahead of its time An important master quartet. Here, Nielsen set himself the goal of writing a charming and appealing modern work. A serenade in vain. An interesting and worthwhile work from the late Danish Romantic and early modern era. A powerful and thought provoking post-romantic work.

Fine string writing, very effective early modern work.

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Charming late Russian Romanic era pieces, good part writing and no technical difficulties. Ludvig Norman Piano Trio No. A buoyant, youthful, Schumannesque work, full of energy and appealing melodies, with fine part-writing. A beautifully written mid Romantic era , fine melodies, good part-writing. Ludvig Norman String Quartet in a minor, Op. One of his last works, it shows the influence of his Leipzig Conservatory training with an updated Schumannesque style. Combines Central European romantic tendancies with Polish folk dance and melody. A rich and imaginative work in the late romantic style by Poland's foremost composer of the late 19th century.

A superb and highly effective work by a member of a famous string quartet. Good writing, appealing melody. Still in the Dvorak tradition but more modern, full of Moravian and Slovak folk melodies. A tour d'force of form and structure with a massive fugue, a fantasia and modern Slav melodies. Composed in as Nazi Germany threatened Czechoslovakia, the music reflects the composers fears and thoughts for the future. A powerful, dramatic work from the late romantic period. Considered one of the pillar of the Czech piano trio literature along with the Dumky and Smetanta trios.

The first of Novak's Moravian works. Fine part writing, no technical difficulties. Written for the same combination as Schubert's Trout, the work is full of appealing melodies. A fine recital piece which makes excellent use of all registers. A recital piece typical of the mid romantic era. Smooth and dreamlike, the music takes the cello from its very heights down to the lowest notes on its C. A little gem. We have taken the above four works and made a little recital album for cellists from which to choose. Very original both rhythmically and melodically.

By turns fast and exciting then lyrical and romantic, it makes a first class recital piece or encore. Bright and upbeat, combining touches of English theater music with French impressionism and American trends. The first of a magnificent set of three which must rank among the very best of such works from the early Romantic era.

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  4. Described by a well-known contemporary critic as full of passion, the equal of those of Beethoven. At time recalling late Mozart, at other times early Beethoven, this sonata should be on every violist's recital list. The third of Onslow's first three piano trios An exciting and beautiful work which was in the standard repertoire up to WWI.

    Excellent in everyway. A great concert choice and playable by amateurs. Well-written for each instrument, catchy melodies.

    MuseData: Antonio Vivaldi

    Popular concert work thru out the 19th century. One of the great ones. A new voice, not like Haydn or Mozart, dating from , before studying composition formally, an extraordinary achievement. Pioneering work, cello treated as a total equal. This once famous quartet takes its name from its excellent variations on the British national anthem. The middle work in this once famous set of three often compared to Beethoven's Op. In , no one else was writing anything this advanced, except Beethoven. This was an experimental quartet for Onslow heavily influenced by Beethoven's Op.

    Exciting and dramatic with a minuet more like a scherzo using the folk dance of the Auvergne. A fine work with excellent part-writing for all of the voices from the beginning of Onslow's middle period. The Chamber Music Journal calls it one of his best. Belongs in the concert repertoire! Exciting mid-romantic work, advanced tonalities for the time Fine choice for either concert performance or home music making. An exciting work which belongs in the repertoire by the early 19th century French Master A great one, this work has it all.

    A fine intermezzo and one of the very best and most exciting scherzos you will find anywhere.

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    Vintage Onslow. Captivating and very exciting with appealing melodiess from start to finish.

    Corelli, Sonata da camera op. 4 n. 3 - Sarabanda (score)

    You must hear our soundbites to this quartet! Late Onslow--extraordinary use of chromaticism. Though an early work, nonetheless powerful and quite well written for all.