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Why not valued team member or synergistic contributor? The word peon originally described a certain class of people; some would say that it still does. However, I would argue that peonage is a state of mind. It is a situation in which we feel like we have no control over what is being done.

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We feel powerless. We are just doing what the boss tells us.

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Some may feel that way at work. Others may feel powerful at work, and then become a peon when they get home. Because so many relationships exist in society, it is safe to say that each one of us, in some capacity or another, is a peon. Embrace your inner peon. It is part of life. It is the way our societies are set up.

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However, because each of us is a peon in some form or another, we can also conclude that each of us is a manager in some form or another. We are a manager in the sense that someone else likely feels they are our peon. Possibly you are a peon at work all day but then, when you get home, you are the president of your homeowners association.

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Maybe you make no decisions at work, but when you get home you make all the decisions for yourself and your spouse. If peonage is a state of mind, so is Manager—the kind with a capital M. This book is about helping you become a lowercase m manager. Why would you want to do that? We only ship to addresses in the USA. Live somewhere else? Please order from one of our international distributors.

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Industrial management ISBNs Management books are traditionally written by industry "experts": scholars, consultants, senior managers. They're writing about how to manage workers, but none of these experts really understands the viewpoint of the average worker, the regular grunt in the trenches-the peon. Peons are the ones affected when a manager decides to manage-in-one-minute, to move somebody's cheese, to try that fifth discipline.

Rather than consult some expert, why not go to the source, and ask the peons?