The Exciting, Though Unwanted, Adventures of Mr. Jones.

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Does it bother him that Thompson and Laurie are such successful worldwide stars? Everyone becoming a Hollywood star. I mean, Hugh was the most successful American television series actor ever in House, and you go, well, he was just a bloke in a Footlights review. Takes it very seriously and he is handsome and he went to Eton. There might be just a touch of jealousy there. More importantly, he is lucky to be alive. In , Rhys Jones was nearly burned to death or eaten by sharks, depending on which newspaper report you read at the time when he was on a group diving holiday in the Galapagos Islands with his wife Jo and the yacht they were on caught fire.

Some people were very stoic, some were emotional — there was a lot of crying. But I got quite cross. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Comments 26 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Ad Feature. Back to top Home News U. Josette Caruso, friend Like everything else in the Bowieverse, the subject himself has thought of this "verbatim-not-verified" sort of idea-- first. Inaccuracy never kept Bowie away; in actual fact, he treated it as a kind of signature-- the double-meaning, the mirror-image, the reimagined.

Bringing Newness to the World: Lloyd Jones's "Pacific Version of Great Expectations"

It could be my autobiography. David Bowie Another crash course for the ravers. Return, relive, regret.

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Dec 30, Scott Rhee rated it it was amazing Shelves: biography , bowie-studies. As someone who has read several biographies, critical analyses, philosophical ramblings, and uncategorizable miscellenia about Bowie and there is a shockingly huge amount of material out there on the subject , I was, perhaps, not expecting much.

Fortunately, Jones has done something rather clever and excellent. Jones apparently interviewed people for this book. He also drew from seven in-depth interviews with Bowie over the years, along with many other well-known interviews. He simply lets people speak, with some although surprisingly little of his own editorializing. While this may sound like one of those videos that your cousin makes at your wedding, in which they get everyone to say a few words about how they know you and what they love about you, the resultant book is actually incredibly profound, immensely readable, and beautifully moving.

There is also so much more than that, though. Jones clearly loved and respected Bowie the man as well as the musician and the celebrity, enough to know that he was far from perfect. Bowie, like everyone, had dark sides to his character. He had skeletons in his closet, some of which we have some clues about, others we may never know. As a life-long Bowie fan, I can honestly say that my love for the man extends beyond just the music and liner notes; my love for Bowie encompasses everything about him: foibles, dark sides, and imperfections included.

The music of David Bowie is something I've held in mild regard over the decades.

"Ask Mr. Jones" by michael f patterson

I had an 8-track of "Young Americans" back in the seventies and who doesn't love Space Oddity?!! I also remember enjoying the strains of "Modern Love" and "Let's Dance" in the 80's. However, this biography of David Bowie in its oral history format has affected me so much that I am prompted to The music of David Bowie is something I've held in mild regard over the decades. However, this biography of David Bowie in its oral history format has affected me so much that I am prompted to read his other biographies as well as delve into the treasure trove of his music library.

I was skeptical about whether I would like the oral history format of this offering, but this actually connected with me far more than I think the standard biography would.

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This was a mammoth book of over pages no pictures comprised of Bowie memories served up by friends, band members, business colleagues, wives, lovers, etc Nothing is more genuine than the direct words of the people who knew and loved Bowie. These are just a handful of some of the people who added their recollections to this oral history: Tony Visconti producer of many of Bowie's albums Angela Bowie first wife Iman second wife Bono U2 singer Kate Moss model Paul McCartney former Beatle and music legend Peter Frampton childhood classmate and fellow musician I feel like I have been reading and enjoying this for a very long time as because of its oral history format, I felt comfortable bouncing in an out of this book to read other books when needed or desired.

It begins with his youth in Bromley, England and transitions to his marriage to Angie and the birth of their son as he cannily transforms into his alter ego of Ziggy Stardust. There were many lovers along the way, but as the book nears its close, he finds perfect love and happiness with his second wife Iman. It was very poignant reading the passages in reaction to Bowie's death, and how he strove to complete his final album "Blackstar" as a parting gift.

He was certainly a multifaceted talent and extraordinary human being. Although I still have all those other Bowie biographies to read, something tells me that I may just have already read the best one! A rather gossipy, salacious take on Bowie's life. This is more about the sex and drugs than the rock 'n' roll but nevertheless an essential read for the Bowie fanatic.

Dec 14, Claire bookscoffeeandrepeat rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction. This book is for those who have read countless of Bowie biographies.

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If you're a newly converted David Bowie fan just like me , then I wouldn't recommend this book. Simply because this isn't just about David Bowie. It's also about everyone else who contributed to this weird version of a biography. You're not just reading about Bowie himself, you also get a glimpse of other people who worked with Bowie. Simply put: this book has a weird format because it doesn't look like a biography to me. To This book is for those who have read countless of Bowie biographies. To me, it looked like a collection of stories coming from different people who had encounters with David Bowie even if it was brief.

Jughead Jones

The writing is kind of dry and it was difficult to hold my attention sometimes. I had to DNF or skip some stories. Even if I did jump from story to story, this book was still an interesting read. I mean, who knew David Bowie asked Courtney Love to turn down the volume when she was listening to Fleetwood Mac at 9am? Little stories such as this one makes the book a worthwhile read.

Unfortunately, the only picture of Bowie is on the cover. I wish there had been more photographs somewhere inside the book. I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

All thoughts are my own. And for this review and more , check out my book blog. Feb 10, Gregory Butera rated it liked it. This book needed a better editor. It was bloated and should have been trimmed severely. Not every bit and story needed to be included. They should have been cut.

by Dylan Thomas

Some anecdotes contradicted one another, sometimes on the same page, without any acknowledgement from the author. And he had plenty of his own to say. He wrote of his experience often enough that he should have tagged his sections with his This book needed a better editor. He wrote of his experience often enough that he should have tagged his sections with his name like the others rather than rely on using italics. It was disjointed and distracting.

So clearly this was rushed to press to capitalize on the window of nostalgia following the death of a great 70s rocker.

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If you can get beyond all those gripes there is some wonderful stuff in this book, with stories about the making of albums, songs, relationships, and the many personae that make up the entity we know as David Bowie. May 13, James Hartley rated it liked it. This is a long collection of interviews arranged in loosely chronological order.

I found it fascinating - especially the first half of the book - and then dull and repetitive. Various interesting strands come to unsatisfying conclusions and endless sections begin with "I first met Bowie in There are interesting anecdotes and plenty of dull ones and, especially near the end, it becomes terribly fawning and boring. There's only so many times you can hear Bowie was a genius. In the end it's not dissenting voices you want but rigour and investigation. Endless arty-types and journos talk about how he was hard to know and how he picked them up and dropped them and how they never quite understood him and you long for some light to be thrown on this.

The book is very much a collection of "me and Bowie" stories, which, in the end, is unsatisfying. It's useful, if repetitive, on Bowie as a star, but leaves David Jones, as family man, brother and real person, largely uncovered. Apr 23, Alan rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , beatles-books-pop. This is wonderful - Bowie's life reported on by those who knew him well.

The Salt Line by Holly Goddard Jones

A little context setting and run in chronological order, but otherwise the 'author' just lets the people speak for themselves. A fascinating portrait emerges of this polite, funny, highly sexed, talented, well read, hungry, star. You feel you have him, and then, like that he's gone, he's off. Aug 27, F. For a Bowie fan, this oral history is a fantastically deep and immersive experience. But as much as I enjoyed it, as much as I raced through it, there are undoubted flaws.