Savage Hunger (Heart of the Jaguar)

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Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Captain Kathleen McKnight is on a mission. A classified mission for the military. She is locating a drug lord in the Amazon rain forest. For the mission she is dolled up, blonde hair, blue eyes and flashing a lot of money. Men take her hostage and are going to take her personally to the drug lord. A team of her men are there and are surrounding the camp where they take her to hold her hostage.

Enter Connor Anderson. He is a jaguar-shifter. He and his sister Maya vacation twice a year to the rain forest. Normally they live in Texas and run a nursery for trees and plants.

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Connor hears the talk between the men and then hears her start yelling no. He takes off in his jaguar form to get to where she is. Something tells him he needs to save her. He makes it there and is able to save Kathleen but none of her men.

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During the battle that had been going on, Kathleen ended up shot twice. Once in the thigh and the other in the arm. Connor got the bleeding staunched before another team of men showed up and rescued Kat. When Connor and his sister return back to Texas, he tries to find out any information on her that he can. A year later, Kathleen returns to the jungle.

She ends up cornered by two jaguars and in a tree. Things become dangerous when hunters are heard in the area. The three of them sleep in the tree and later Connor slips away and comes back as a human. He takes Kathleen back to the hut he shares with his sister and then things get complicated. Not between them but she becomes sick after Maya scratches her while in jaguar form.

Why did Kathleen return to the jungle? What happens between her and Connor? How does the jaguar shifting, which Kathleen knows nothing about, fit into their lives at this point? How does Connor and Maya explain the jaguars as being around them? I would recommend it to fans of shifter books. A paranormal romance with a great plot and plenty of baddies to beat! Terry Spear, who usually writes about wolves has done an excellent job changing species and the story of Kat, Maya and Connor will be well worth your effort. Go enjoy! Connor is a Nursery owner and jaguar shifter. He's not an uber macho alpha male.

He's more the type of guy you'd want to meet and marry - sensitive, strong, possessive without being overbearing, and family oriented. Kat is a black-ops military Captain. She's a strong confident female who has a fascination with the Amazon rainforests and jaguars in general.

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She's a bit scarred though and has a few issues to work through. The two meet in the worst possible of circumstances and are forced to go their separate ways afterward.


Neither can forget the other, however, and after trying several different avenues to track Connor down again, Kat finds him back in the rainforest with his sister Maya. They are thrown together by danger again and this time it's for keeps.

Heart of the Jaguar

Maya realizes the potential Kat presents as a mate for her brother and decides to become matchmaker, though she doesn't have to try real hard because there's already some heady chemistry between the pair. Savage Hunger offers up drama, tons of emotion, and some pretty intense romance.

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Since then neither of them has stopped thinking about the other. Now that Kathleen has returned to the Amazon she is determined to find Connor again. Great read! I have really enjoyed Spear's wolves, but was excited to see her branching off into jaguars. Beautiful creatures!

Terry Spear has created another engaging world that is rich in detail and has fascinating characters. Connor is one sexy beast that had me eager to read more. Savage Hunger is a tantalizing read filled with adventure, danger and romance. A very sweet ending, plus an excellent set up for the next book.

A must read for shifter lovers. Whenever I see a Terry Spear book I get so excited. I am a huge fan of her wolf shifter series so when I heard she was writing a new series about jaguar shifters, well is there any wonder as to why I had to get my hands on a copy ASAP?? I am so utterly delighted that I did! Conner and his sister Maya live in Texas but they vacation quite regularly in the Amazon jungle. This is the one place where it is relatively safe for them to let their cats run free.

Unfortunately they are not the only predator in the jungle. Conner comes across an undercover military operation against one of the drug cartels and ends up rescuing Army Officer Kathleen McKnight Kat. While Kat had a very traumatic experience the last time she came to the jungle, she cannot forget the man who rescued her.

In order to put her fears behind her and hopefully meet up with the man who rescued her she travels back to where it all began, the Amazon jungle. Hikers carrying backpacks and camera equipment were probably there for just a visit. Anyone toting a rifle or gun would be their number one suspect. Before dusk, she and Huntley had stashed their own camping equipment-single tent and two sleeping bags, clothes, hiking shoes, and insect repellent-high in a tree. They didn't want to tempt anyone who might think to steal their "abandoned" equipment by leaving it lying about.

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They searched for the poachers at night because that's when the men were most likely to be hunting. This was the second day of trying to locate the poachers, and she wanted to find them now. Mosquitoes buzzed around her, making her glad to have her jaguar fur coat. She suddenly spied several tapirs as they poked around, looking for vegetation worth eating.