Meine Seele hört nie auf zu kämpfen! (German Edition)

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Which is bizarre, really, since the main characters are from post-apocalyptic America. Additionally, Asuka is German, and so uses some rather poorly done German phrases throughout the series. The dubbers and her English voice actress all had a better grasp of the language, resulting in much improved pronunciation. The English dub also had her exclaiming "Mein Gott! To be fair, 'dummkopf' would sound less silly to a German speaker than 'stupid head' sounds in English. While the pronunciation surely improved as expected from someone non-Japanese , the grammar got worse.

Asuka in the Spanish dub is very fond of uttering phrases in Gratuitous German. In her introductory chapter from the Japanese original, when Shinji and Asuka must open an Angel's mouth in order to make it swallow a battleship , she says "Open, open, open! Which literary translates as "Shit! Though the use of swear words is less controversial in Germany, so it's used in a less unappropriate way. Hilarity Ensues in the German dub. Would you know it. When Asuka's "mother" calls, they have the actress switch to a more contemporary accent, rather than clean spoken German.

It isn't difficult to find YouTube video collections of Asuka saying random things in different dubs with loads of German comments being hysterical. Special mention should go to the "Think something German!

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Many of the characters in Nodame Cantabile , especially those with a connection to von Stresemann. Stresemann himself uses the alias "Milch Holstein", his manager sometimes speaks in German, etc. To explain why native speakers might burst into laughter at this point, "Milch" translates to "milk" while Holstein is a breed of cattle famous for its milk output.

On a more intellectual level, Gustav Stresemann served both as chancellor and foreign minister during the Weimar Republic. Actually lampshaded in-story: Chiaki is fluent in German, and immediately makes the connection to milk and cattle when he hears the pseudonym for the first time. Rather fitting, as she's Echo's second personality The two main characters of Phantom of Inferno are called "Ein" and "Zwei". In Princess Tutu , when Fakir dramatically fetches his sword, he says something in badly, badly accented German.

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The series is set in Germany, but still Fortunately, the English dub and Chris Patton does a better job with the accent, turning the scene into something that's Also, all of the readable text in the show is in German, although again the show's set in Germany, so it might not be all that gratuitous There's also the name of the final Witch in the series, Walpurgisnacht.

The biggest and not gratuitous of them is Homura 's familiars announcing that Gott ist Tot. That said, it wasn't actually set in Germany at all, but a Fantasy Counterpart Culture where evidently the exact same language is spoken. In the English dub, characters tend to pepper their speech with German phrases, and a few even have German accents. The name and episode titles of Rozen Maiden are both in an English influenced German the proper translation would be "Rosenmaid". The doll's names are also apparently translated from German, for instance, Reiner Rubin is Shinku pure ruby.

The same is true of Elfen Lied. However, the reason that Nozomi, a main character who sings the song the show was named after, was written out of the anime was most likely to avoid this.

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The other rival groups are Schwarz Black and Schreient misspelled, means screaming. In an episode of Zoku Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei , when Chiri becomes a giant to fight off an army of alien Humongous Mecha , most of her attacks are accompanied by German exclamations. Abiru wonders why German, in particular. It was actually a homage to Evanglion. Sound of the Sky has several dialogs entirely in German which is called "Roman" in the anime.

The Arcadians appear to use French, but this only appears in writings and city names. Justified in Spice and Wolf : All of the writing is in German, but the series takes place in an alternate universe version of medieval Europe, presumably based on Germany. Ubel Blatt. The intended meaning is "evil blade". The more common translation is "leaf", so that the intended "evil blade" instead becomes a "queasy leaf".

Valvrave the Liberator , on the Dorssian side. They're particularly fond of Blitzendegen "Lightning rapier" as a battle cry, salute and all-purpose catch phrase. The last one is a parody, but it just shows how gratuitous it is. Walkure Romanze features some German books that were quite obviously translated with google translator, as that software's old problem of some words being translated into ENGLISH and not the intended target language runs rampant in these fictional documents.

The ending theme for Youjo Senki is in German. Yozakura Quartet features this in an episode.

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A few phrases and words, actually expected since the character is getting ready to go to Germany. Zatch Bell! Zoids : Zoids contains more gratuitous German and Italian than you can throw a braunschweiger at, it's just that for some reason the dub worked the names out from katakana, resulting in such hilarious names as Schubaltz Schwarz and Alcobaleno Arcobaleno rainbow. Even the seemingly normal names like Flyheight and Zeke were originally Freiheit and Sieg. These correspond to the armor's specialty — the Jager hunter has incredible speed and advanced scanning equipment, the Schneider cutter has seven laser blades mounted all over its body, and the Panzer tank is incredibly heavy and equipped with ridiculous firepower.

Funnily, Schneider also means tailor without technical context. Practically any time something is named Harken in a localized anime or Japanese video game, it is actually the German word Haken having gone through two more languages. Translating it correctly like Haken Mode is catching on, but raises an important question: do we really want to replace the word Harken when it sounds so cool , especially for giant scythes?

Though Harke does mean the tool "rake"; maybe in some cases it's a misdeclension instead? In Ep. Bildergeschichten und Comics Comic Books.

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In the parts of ElfQuest dealing with Ember's tribe part of Hidden Years and the Wild Hunt storylines, all co written by Joellyn Auklandus , quite a few character names are German words. The two most prominent examples are Tier "animal" and Angrif properly "Angriff", means "attack".

Nightcrawler from X-Men. It's an out-of-date expression for "darling". Not to talk about that it is often mis spelled 'Leibchen', which means camisole. Generally, German in Marvel Comics is nothing short of abominable "Eyige! Erschiesst es! Erschiesst es doch endlich!

Marvel has a little-known German superhero called Vormund, which means Guardian. Legal guardian, to be precise. He was previously known as Hauptmann Deutschland, which sounded much like something the Nazis would have come up with. Their Cap equivalent? Oberst Deutschland. The first two are literal translations of the English code-names and sound unintentionally funny to German ears. Which is probably why in the official German editions they generally prefer to use the English names.

He's still a Nazi, though, so it's Bowdlerise meets No Swastikas.

Though until the 80's they did translated all titles and names. Interesting they renamed the X-men as X-Team. Also known, back in the day, as "Gruppe X" literally "Group X". Savage Dragon gives us Brainiape, who is of course Adolf Hitler 's disembodied brain in a glass bowl on top of an ape body with zome of ze worst violence ever visted on ze German sprache in a bildergeschichte.

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Commando has this, spoken by none other than Those Wacky Nazis. Most commonly used are various military ranks and exclamations in the middle of other dialogue. Vampirella has a lot of this, given the abundance of Nazi foes. The best name must be "Scheisskopf" shithead. Fan-Fiktion Fan Fic. Mecha calls Brownie a Dummkopf in the fic Rainbow in the Dark. The author revealed that she uses German insults with her close friends and is said in a heartwarming way.

Aside from that, she knows nothing of German. Meet my new baby, Der Roter Wirbelsturm! Guten Morgen! Wie Geht Es Ihnen? On the other hoof, monologing aloud is quite grand. And as we all know, reality is flexible when something is aroused. The Equestrian word is cool, ours is geil , which technically means aroused! Do not confuse these two.

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Especially not when these Equestrians are all naked. Ich ziele nicht mit der Hand. Wer mit der Hand zielet hat das Gesicht seines Vaters vergessen. Ich ziele mit dem Auge.