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Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration source for young travelers, who have lost their hands against fish and gained their courage in. At 62, Dennis Quaid is still able to ditch his shirt on the beach and draw a crowd. In , he starred in the Bethany Hamilton biopic, Soul Surfer, and seems to. Reality: Piercy had more votes, but fell short of avoiding a runoff. Explanation: Piercy beat Torrey by votes. She had Piercy fell votes short of getting the just over 50 percent of the vote she needed to avoid a November runoff.

Piercy actually won 30 percent more votes this May than when she first won in May Reality: Eugene is bitterly divided.

Explanation: Eugene has a sharp liberal vs. Piercy had more than two-thirds of the vote in the three council wards in south Eugene. Torrey had two-thirds of the vote in the two North Eugene wards and in the Bethel ward. The two candidates roughly split the vote in Ward 8 in southwest Eugene and in Ward 7, which sprawls from the Whiteaker neighborhood far north to River Road and Santa Clara. Generally, Piercy won the precincts closer to downtown and the UO, while Torrey won the votes in the newer subdivisions on the edge of town.

Torrey criticized Piercy for not appointing enough people from the more conservative parts of town to serve on city committees. But Torrey was accused of stacking committees by not appointing enough people from more liberal wards while he was mayor. Also, more liberals than conservatives tend to volunteer for the unpaid committee spots. Backed by hundreds of small contributors, Piercy has a wider funding base than Torrey.

Rhetoric: Piercy wants to pay too much for the Amazon headwaters. Reality: Under Torrey, the city missed chances to pay far less.


While Torrey was mayor through , the city missed at least three opportunities to buy the rare, pristine forest for far less. Kitty Piercy did not take office until January and has supported buying the property for as little as possible. Rhetoric: Piercy created the pothole problem. Reality: Piercy inherited the potholes from Torrey and has done more to solve the problem. When Piercy took office, she and the council passed the 2 cent gas tax proposal they inherited from the previous mayor and council.

Last year that tax increase was referred to voters by gas station owners and repealed. Torrey and the council repealed the fee after business interests opposed it. While mayor, Torrey opposed efforts to shift money from spending on new roads to serve urban sprawl developers to maintaining existing streets. In he spoke against a council resolution to divert the new road money to preservation.

On a regional planning body MPC , he voted for the new road spending after an amendment to divert the money to preservation failed. Both Piercy and Torrey now support increased spending on potholes. Reality: Developers split Springfield from Eugene. Rhetoric: Piercy is to blame for the downtown pits. Reality: The pits were created under Torrey.

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The city of Eugene demolished the Sears building in after the building had been largely vacant and unmaintained for eight years under Torrey. Under that system, EPD officers sexually abused more than a dozen women despite years of complaints that EPD officers ignored.

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The abuse happened while Torrey was mayor. The auditor measure was opposed by the police union, which made the same argument as Torrey that the function should be under the city manager. The measure to create the independent auditor passed with 57 percent voting yes. Both Piercy and Torrey supported the failed recent urban renewal measure to subsidize redevelopment downtown.

But Torrey said during the campaign that he opposed the purchase options that planning staff said would make the redevelopment possible. Piercy personally helped clean trash from the Aster pit. Recently, she and the council cut a deal with Beam development to redevelop the Aster pit and adjacent Centre Court building. Rhetoric: Torrey can make money for cops and potholes magically appear. Reality: Diverting funds will require cuts to popular programs. Rhetoric: Torrey supports the police auditor. Explanation: PeaceHealth announced that it was moving to Springfield in while Torrey was mayor.

Conservatives have claimed that the then City Council drove the hospital out of town by threatening to rezone the Crescent site in north Eugene to prevent the hospital from moving from downtown. But the council did not take that action until June of Both Piercy and Torrey support locating a new McKenzie-Willamette hospital in Eugene but admit that the decision is up to the hospital.

Rhetoric: Torrey is a uniter, not a divider.


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He broke a dozen tie votes from to , always for the conservative side. In he backed pepper-spraying tree-sitters downtown who hoped to delay a clearcut for the Broadway Place development until a public hearing the next day. Over 5, pairs of women's shoes and sandals. Many favorite brands at substantial savings.

Reality: It would have died anyway. Explanation: Even Torrey acknowledges that the WEP might not have been built anyway due to federal environmental problems with building the highway through protected wetlands. Torrey has said he will not try to resurrect the project. Piercy said she voted against the WEP to take leadership and end decades of debate so the city could move forward and work on other west Eugene traffic solutions.

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Reality: Torrey gave money to Bush and ran as a Republican. In , Torrey ran unsuccessfully for the state Senate as a Republican.

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But that may be more about political strategy than any sudden shift in politics. Two-thirds of Eugene voted for John Kerry for President in In Eugene, more than twice as many people have registered as Democrats than as Republicans. With the close Democratic presidential primary, 82 percent of registered Democrats voted compared to 69 percent of registered Republicans. If Torrey had run as a Republican as he had two years earlier, Piercy might have won outright. Rhetoric: Torrey is a moderate. Reality: Torrey is far more conservative than most people in Eugene.

Explanation: Torrey ran for the state Senate as an anti-abortion Republican and backed Bush in a year when two-thirds of Eugene voted for Kerry. In contrast, Piercy has taken a middle road on many issues, at times disappointing some of her progressive supporters for backing downtown developer subsidies and tax breaks for Hynix.

Reality: Both Torrey and Piercy have supported business. Explanation: Both Torrey and Piercy have supported huge tax breaks and subsidies for big business and big corporations.

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