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Then, our kids leave home and we retire. What do we have left? And finally, there is the fact that the world is changing around us, and rarely to our high standards. Aging men, in particular, succumb to the nearly irresistible temptation to look at The World These Days and find it hopelessly screwed up. Just thinking about all of this was getting me, yes, irritated. With all of this evidence of decline, how can we not be grumpy? Clearly, I needed to look at this issue a little more scientifically. So I discovered that, according to the Mayo Clinic, men at this age experience a slow and continuous decrease in testosterone production.

This is a completely normal phenomenon — yet for some men, the decrease is particularly steep. In other words, it is a contributing factor in something called Irritable Male Syndrome, a genuine medical condition, for which the poster boy is Donald Trump. What I needed to do was find a knowledgeable person who could explain more fully why men my age get so irritable, and more importantly, what we can do to prevent it. Fortunately, I knew exactly the man to turn to: Spokane author Michael Gurian. He has spent a lifetime studying and writing about our journeys through life — often with an emphasis on male psychology.

First of all, Gurian confirmed that low testosterone can, in fact, be one of the culprits. And a lot of us get kind of depressed.

Females can get immensely irritated, too. But when they are depressed, they evidence it in crying and talking. Males tend to use anger more. So, are those ubiquitous testosterone supplements the solution? Some are physical.

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They lose even more of their athletic identity. This is not just about sports. Some guys lose something they feel is even more vital — which is why Viagra is such a big seller. However, the deeper causes of Grumpy Old Man syndrome lie in the emotional and psychological realms.

Caesar A La Grumpy. Greek Salad. Picnic Salad. Spinach Flatbread Salad. Caprese Salad. Chicken Wild Rice. Grumpy's Mac 'n Cheese. Soup Du Jour. Buffalo Wing Chicken Sandwich. Cajun Chicken Sandwich. Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich. Southwestern Turkey Sandwich. Tuna Melt El Paso. Walleye Sanwich. BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Coney Dogs, St. Paul Style. Grilled Cheese. Hell on Wheels.

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Grilled Reuben. Grumpy's Rachel. French Dip. The Cuban. Almost every sandwich here can be made as a wrap, just ask!

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Southern Style "The Elvis". The American Burger. Slow Burn Burger. NY Deli Burger.

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Juicy Lucy. Cream Cheese Burger. Now that we know a little more about the causes, the question remains: How can we avoid turning into Grumpy Old Men?

The key, according to Gurian, is making a true identity shift. We all need to create new, more age-appropriate identities for ourselves. Gurian, who is 55, illustrates this with an example from his own athletic life. He used to be a soccer player.

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Soccer was an important part of his male identity. Then soccer just started getting harder and harder on his aging body. Every man who has loved, say, softball or basketball, knows this problem. You get into your 50s, and suddenly, your favorite sport becomes, mostly, an excellent way to rupture an Achilles tendon. Just about the same time, Gurian noticed that he was having those telltale quick bursts of anger, maybe a little too often. He started making a conscious effort to begin an identity shift into his older self.

I had to fully shift away from intense sports. The important thing is to shift your energy into something. Maybe you can coach the sport you love. Maybe you can turn to golf, a sport easier on the tendons. Similar shifts may have to take place when it comes to relationships, or sex, or your spiritual life. You must stop clinging to your youthful self, and accept your new, older self.

It all boils down to an old-fashioned, yet wise concept: aging gracefully. Finally, I could not resist asking Gurian one crucial question: Is there anything inherently wrong with telling kids to get off your lawn? By Jim Kershner jimkershner comcast. Two important facts to note: 1 We were not on his lawn. We were walking in the street. The most obvious reason is this: At this age, we have more to be irritated about. Grouchiness explained Clearly, I needed to look at this issue a little more scientifically.