Eden Autism Services Self-Care and Domestics Curriculum (Eden Autism Services School Series)

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Counseling is provided to adults and children age 5 and older. Description : Emergency Housing- Parishioners from local churches take in those who are homeless to get them back on their feet.

Description : The components of the Financial Empowerment Network include Cultural competent, multi-lingual services. Anger Management classes are also provided by the agency. Available 24 hours. Description : If you are interested in therapy services, the first step is to contact our office at The next step is to schedule an appointment to meet with staff to complete intake.

This appointment takes approximately one hour.


Course provision

GFS offers individual and family counseling for:. Description : Outpatient and Inpatient services. Program offers individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling and marriage counseling. Description : Girls Circle is a strength-based support group that addresses the unique needs of girls ages from Camden County. The goal is to encourage the development of strength, courage, confidence, honesty, and communication skills.

Each cycle of groups can accommodate girls. A complete cycle runs for weeks depending on the curriculum being used. The program is designed to foster self-awareness and self-confidence, and help girls maintain authentic connection with peers and adult women. The Girls Circle program meets for Description : The Hispanic Family Center offers a bilingual and gender specific program that provides education and group counseling for females between the ages of years old.

GERLS is designed to encourage positive development to reduce at risk behavior as well as increase healthy decision-making by enhancing life, coping and social skills. Program referrals are accepted from various sources including but not limited to: school districts, FCIU, families, local police, probation officers, the court system, and the community. Description : Food pantry and Baby Pantry strollers, cribs, car seats, baby care items, diapers, clothes, and toys.

Description : Employment services which include job training, thrift store, vocational evaluation, goodwill temp services, and job club Wednesdays Education services which include CDL-B training, computer skills, C-tech training, and forklift certification.

Family & Support Services - Tri County ResourceNet

Cost varies by program. Description : GrandSlam is a structured transitional living program and supported apartments providing transitional living assistance for homeless youth ages Individual, group, or family counseling and support services are provided through this program.

Description : Adolescent services, adult services, older adult services, dual diagnosis services, Electro- Convulsive Therapy, in- patient services. Description : Psychiatric hospitalization for adults and adolescents; dual-diagnosis unit; individual, family, and group counseling; referral service; self-help and support groups. The Head Start program provides stimulating activities and learning experiences that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

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Description : Healthy Families provides early intervention and family support services, helping expectant and new mothers build strong, healthy relationships with their babies through in-home visits. The program offers support to parents with newborns or toddlers up to age three. Healthy Families provides early intervention and family support services, helping expectant and new mothers build strong, healthy relationships with their babies through in-home visits.

The program offers support to pregnant women, women with a new born up to 2 weeks of birth, and women receiving TANF benefits who have children under 1 year of age who reside in Camden County. Two hour practice group to learn how to communicate compassionately with yourself and others. You'll learn how to;.

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Speak and listen in ways that inspire compassion Stay peaceful in the face of judgment, criticism and anger. Break patterns of thinking that lead to stress, guilt and shame.

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Description : High Focus has experienced clinicians who provide expert assessments and treatment for adults and adolescents who are struggling with emotional or substance abuse issues. High Focus offers Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient Programs, and are in-network with most major insurance carriers. Those who are living with HIV learn ways of communicating to others about their disease, behavior changes to reduce repeat transmissions, and further developing skills that will help them build stronger relationships, and healthier lives.

Self Care: Getting Dressed

Sessions focus on ethnic and gender pride; knowledge of HIV; and training on risk reduction behaviors. Sessions focus on developing skills related to improving self-worth, disclosure techniques and practicing new behavior skills — during guided curriculum delivery. Description : Provides home-care services to elderly and disabled persons in New Jersey who are at risk of being institutionalized and whose income and resources exceed the financial requirements of Medicaid or the Community Care Program for the Elderly and Disabled.

Through the program, young men have the opportunity to participate in community activities and to work together to support each other, encouraging them to care about themselves and others. The program also helps young men develop an independent living plan and set goals for a positive future. Description : Homeless Outreach in Camden County. Helping everybody who needs help.

Its goal is to keep youth in school by offering technology training and job opportunities, coupled with academic support for students who are in the eighth through twelfth grades. Description : Assistance with utility payments, back rent, security deposits, and mortgage payments. Description : Affordable housing programs: Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program pays part of rent , Section 9 Moderate Housing Rehabilitation Program pays part of rent , Section 8 New Constructions for Elderly and Disabled low rent , and affordable housing for families, elderly, and the disabled.

The program offers assistance to Camden County residents who have income, agree to case management services and are not eligible for other supportive housing services.

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Description : Resources to prevent homelessness. They have utility assistance, budget counseling, and help with housing relocation. Description : Resources to prevent homelessness with utility assistance, budget counseling, and housing relocation. IMANI is a structured program designed to support and encourage youth experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges and their families. Services offered at IMANI include multidisciplinary approached designed to promote positive youth development. Description : Interactive Kids is a community resource designed to provide the highest quality consultation and training services for individuals, their families, professionals, and other providers through a collaborative solution-driven relationship.

In addition, we treat those who may not be diagnosed but are experiencing socially challenging behaviors. Program Website: interactivekids. Program Website: jcccampsatmedford. Description : Provides in-home services to seniors at risk of placement in a nursing facility. JACC includes an array of services designed to supplement assistance given by the individual's caregiver network of family, friends, and neighbors.

JACC works to enhance the individual's community care options by designing service plans uniquely tailored to the individual. JACC also strengthens the ability of caregivers to continue in their vital role as primary support providers. Description : Counseling, information and referral, case management of elderly, friendly visiting, limited financial assistance, workshops, support groups, home health care and resettlement of New Americans and adoption service.

Description : Are you homeless and looking for help? Our doors open each night at pm and we close each morning at am. All of our beds are reserved during the day and we are unable to serve walk-ins. Description : Kaleidoscope is a community-based Gay-Straight Alliance. Kaleidoscope offers monthly student-led meetings in a safe, supportive environment for LGBT and allied teens to gather, socialize, organize, and help each other. Meetings are conveniently located at "The Spot" in the Voorhees Town Center every 3rd Saturday of the month from pmpm.

Nurses are on call. Description : Cancer services: radiation, breast care programs, outpatient medical imaging, and well-being services. Description : For Kroc kids after school programs in Camden County. Ages Description : An outpatient drug treatment program for individuals with substance abuse problems, including an innovative program specifically for women. Individual and group counseling is enhanced by family sessions, case management and collaboration with collateral contacts as appropriate. Additional support and assistance are provided to job seeking clients.

Description : Affordable housing program that provides case management, life skills, outpatient mental health services and off-site drug and alcohol services. The sparkling 7-acre Liberty Lake is surrounded by 60 wonderfully shaded acres, with state-of-the-art outdoor facilities for children to enjoy. Description : Counseling and mental health services for children, adolescents, and adults covering a wide range of topics from depression and anxiety to child rearing to marriage counseling; psychiatric evaluations, psychiatric assessments and testing, medication management, and adoption evaluations.

Description : Safe, affordable apartments located in Glassboro to help children who are leaving foster care or the child welfare system to get ready for life on their own. They provide life skills training and emotional support as they prepare them to move to the next stage in their lives. LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps low income residents with their heating and medically necessary cooling bills; and provides for emergency heating system services and emergency fuel assistance for those who qualify. USF is a program created by the State of New Jersey that helps make natural gas and electric bills more affordable to low-income households.

Applications are accepted year round. Description : Individual counseling, family counseling, marriage and couples therapy, behavioral assistance, needs assessments.