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Sandy Hooks not the hell I'm dying on I I support people's right to question and I understand because there's been so much lying and corporate media by governments and and staged events that are admitted Declassified that wants people see that one thing was staged then everything else must be staged and then I have been on the receiving end of thousands of made-up conspiracies what's your laugh at until people in a truck with gun show up I understand.

I appreciate you having on her to do it and I and I know I don't have a talking point I don't have a PR firm you leave a top-four went on air about what am I going to do what do you want to say today so you can help me get out I don't know I'm all I want to say a bunch of things I'm only learning how this works being in the process of it and it's going to be a much bigger of you that I do 23 years ago when I first got on here because I've experienced what other people have said these bad things I did experience I did it from a good heart I believe question was okay I was covering other people questioning but then there's a weird sick irony in the media says that.

I'm the one that put generated Sandy Hook didn't happen when I wasn't true that in my name popularize it to a level of like they put out more shallow breathing problems before you change your country has been going on for years every day the news the friend no one died at Sandy Hook Alex Jones says it goes on and on and on and would you were thinking this because it's about you so because it's about you it becomes a primary point of focus because it's affecting your life and something you're concentrating on massive because it's something that generates interest this is part of the problem with the way we do news today anything that generates interest I mean if they honestly if the media really care they probably would have never talked about it.

Contra the CFR point is you weren't you weren't a tie to a party you were trying to find the truth and I always pray hands when I align with Trump that's when all hell broke loose yeah yeah that was part of it I think that was definitely match she looked at my whole bio and said Sandy Hook hit him on that right now you still communicate with Trump.

Junior was on Tucker Carlson last night were talking about me and saying what happened is wrong and use me as a way to start the cactus society and then and then and then I imagine you're never supposed to block somebody from banking if they have a good record here's a little story I had an a-plus-plus rating with my shopping cart and bank accounts that I had for 22 years and Banks looking into said we've quite frankly never seen anybody with a credit rating this High because you never even to charge batch with our shopping cart people do that was I mean chargebacks.

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AA group out of Boston which I'm not going to mention if you're showing things that we're preparing litigation against who does the ratings to secret rating system for like Taliban Al-Qaeda the Mafia That's the tea of the bank Executives 2 days before PayPal Bandits they put a hate designation of a Southern Poverty Law Center Shane I'm basically a terrorist so when they call you a hate person now that means that are person Interpol show all over the Western world. I am listed and we would send documents out of England and I would have you asked that we were sent to spy my little thing people are freaked out we make contact lawyer texted I can't believe it they have designated me as an international terrorist and that's how they took five of my sick bank account and got me down to one bank account with perfect credit Shang you cannot take money on your shopping cart and foursquare.

I got out of prison cert online store and sell t-shirts but if I was Charlie Manson specials on on on CBS on 60 Minutes and I don't think you saw to get paid for those though I think that was part of the thing cuz of he's involved in more so you can hear what Hitler has to say even though we know he's a bad guy well why can't you read Alex Jones has to say because they have found what I talked about as effective against people thinking and they want it shut down because we we were launched populism Imports has done this but I can test worldwide.

Sandy Hook as an excuse to get you off the air and a sensor you going to take away your ability to make income not because of that but using that as an excuse because of the other things you do like targeting things like Google and talking about things that you talking about where it was there in China in China is allowed they're allowing time to censor the population don't go help China do this stuff don't be evil but I only tell you something cuz I knew I knew someone who worked at Google I know someone who used to work at Google I should say their thought process was that Google is going if they don't bring Google to China in the center form they're going to copy Google this is the real the real worried because China copies everything I mean there is intellectual copyright law over there.

The family but I think some of the people involved know that if they make a big enough hype about it they're going to have a big event up there in Connecticut you understand they're going to blame it on me no no no I believe it happened stop saying I said it didn't happen and stop saying that I'm saying no kids died cuz I want to talk about human-animal hybrids and humanoid. I'll tell you a lot for the best of my knowledge a lot of people think oh it's it's it's human harvesting a falun Gong are these boots really healthy that's big that's going on because they still have a better non rejection right but with the chimeras I remember 22 years ago reading a BBC article that was kind of testing the waters that case when we tested and then go oh yeah about 15 years ago the first animal human Chimera for Maiden test if they're not brought to term but sometimes when I'm playing some in your house because I'm such a bigger Universe you rub a bigger humanoid and get more tissue and so then I went by there go research that so I went to UT library that time could use some of the internet like and I actually pulled up all these MIT report took them to my dad other people who is dr.

Yeah that's really crazy and it was all about how. Mime down put electromagnetic radiation out with 5G the scrambles rdna lowers your IQ we're in a car smash mental illness and a controlled societal collapse that will then be organized and control in the mop-up crew by robots controlled by the globalist programmers who believed with the offworld and if he's there in communication with that they're going to be given the operation to upload and be in that larger kind of Borg Cube system okay hit they said they sell the country you got to hit the brakes I'm so baffled what's the matter.

I don't want this to sound arrogant it's not I've seen everything well I believe that when you're dreaming it's most likely the same chemicals that are being released opens the gate which side is it proven your brain is working the 4th 5th 6th Dimension and if you don't work into those images you can see beyond it so it's what I'm trying to tell you is this here's what's happening.

I'm not saying you're bad I never said you were the CIA I say the CIA is on record with Timothy Leary and everybody promoting hallucinogens in the sixties they admitted it was a plan to try to see what it would do in public to make the more suggestible. I told you a hundred people affected more as long as we're going to do in these these DMT and Ayahuasca trips outside Austin to get them all over the place yes and. I want to show you some of the same story everybody tells you live in Peru or being young Costa Rica when did two trips down there.

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I'm having a good time with you I just want you to know that I can't say all of this on there okay okay and I'm going to leave it at that but I'm on record 20 years ago before anybody else was talking about The Clockwork elves and now the glove was think they're in touch with his empty some things only. Hells yes it's all true when I was in junior and I still have recruited me another program there and they brought us and I said the Nazis were wrong because they're only charge a certain groups everybody in the planetary break away and World governments blah blah blah does a nuclear reactor under UT and also stops but the point is that special my dad was like for like the sixth smartest in Texas and I got a group of less than 10 kids and they brought them in as juniors in high school and said we're going to do all this cuz I want to be an ass as soon as he gets in here because Daddy has a big secret group it's the other side of the break by government there's the CIA break like I'm at and there's Kennedy setting up NASA solar two different competing Breakaway governments and those are the real garbage in the USA by Breakaway governments what do you mean Breakaway governments Breakaway civilizations it's the real groups that are like the cult.

That's why the governor said it was actually warm and Hardesty Dr he knows we keep the babies and love every little blonde and have a discussion they are getting caught now cuz we be compartmentalize what I'm confused what you're saying what are you saying about babies like what are they doing with babies you you saw the governor of Virginia Shea we keep baby's light after their born chilling right. Should be Virginia Virginia is about to pass a New York trying to pass a California trying to pass it to other states trying to pass it to keep babies alive and allow noticed the governor goes we don't want we don't want the government involved the doctors and the mothers drugged up and say that I'm going to decide about the future and maybe she keep Baby Alive a week maybe she's trying to get rid of baby wait a minute is this a viable baby there's nothing wrong with this baby on Monday.

I've got to listen to me I will give you 1 million dollars if you can prove that I'm making up at the governor said we keep babies alive after they're born we keep them comfortable and then turns out he's an organ harvesting thing and that's what they're doing so they keep babies alive don't go to snow don't you the governor go to the governor of Virginia.

They said that's one explain now you've got it did you hear that legal H turns out when I saw that clip a month ago cuz they had a debate about the bill and I will kill babies after they're born and how far I'll go. Why I know about this my dad never got fully into it he decided to get out of it.

No there. They talked her into it home and all the baby might have a problem I have a heart murmur oh yeah and then they get the your finger to get to this is true but only a few hours and they got to get planes coming in and vans and they don't get the full price cuz they can't put on the auction page.

Digital corporate auctions look us up for Oregon's bring something up to you I had this guy on yesterday El narcos name is you on Grillo and he's he's an investigative journalist to visit Mexico and he studies the cartel organs and put this one of the things he was saying was that they they get these people used to killing and they were getting these kids.

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I really got to say this and I said what I said what what do you want cuz I don't want to lose you kill your dog the point is is that now all these years later kill a loving thing that serves cares about you this interface dogs are very psychic or psychic by her dogs are able to interface with you and they want you to take something that's where you to die for you and they want you to kill that that's like killing child a dog is very spiritual very holy and very good at.

We'll take on its Masters or a and evil but job is to know about all this and this is what's going on this is what's happening and show so they want to submit a blood is that get people in a group and they get a new horrible evil things during per pressure and then they create the synthesis get to know the darker elements of the criminal networks there inside our government are actually running Mexico as a Laboratory test.

Rochester racist crap to the government but it's true that Northern some groups are Northern Europeans and then the Japanese on average per capita of the ice and so are there Japanese and then there are some Northern Europeans that had the highest IQs but then you can get in the lights a juice have very high IQs whenever it gets a bunch of others not just one type of intelligence for sure yeah well there's there's there's test that you can run in terms of mathematics but there's no real test you can run terms of social connectivity they proved that DNA is a transceiver and show my skill is that's why I'm usually coming almost artistic is I'm just being like everything's going on what's it about you focus on I can like figure out the exact enemy operation that's why they're really pissed.

But Hillary says blacks super Predators he didn't do that okay let's get back to what we're trying to say was that if you if he does anything good no one can accept it cuz he's on the wrong team that's part of the problem with what's going on it's part of the problem with people willing to accept ridiculous should on the left. Thomas and articulate as well all of the so-called comic shows into fake comic posing as fake news people putting up political commentary which people take is real and Believe on the street and so that's where all the propaganda is it so you say Bill Maher's just joking around Bill Maher's just over here Bill Maher just know he's doing it's all unified message they have Stephen Colbert KKK member and make jokes and you know what people shot at me on the street well that's unfortunate but what would I will say about what they're trying to do do not trying to deliver information they're not to the trying to crack jokes I guarantee you there's a whole writing staff I don't know them are shows take the Democrats I don't know if that's true but if it is a true and they do listen that's not good and that's unfortunately there's Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.

I swear on my kids if I was you I'd believe you I believe you but I'm saying it just seems so crazy that they would ask him to not to denounce you on the television show I'm not saying it's impossible that's what everybody who's not independent is told because there's a whole other people you're a rarity I'm are the only people that's not behold in any other network of people who else has a mega popular show that's multimedia that isn't controlled by a parent company.

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I'm Kerala most podcast that most podcast something you should know for a fact that you run your own show yep. I I thought the show was not an attempt to get back on your Listen to I knew that if I'd gotten to the point where your dad upset that I must have made mistakes to I'm not I'm not that person that sees things and always points in the other direction I pointed my saint my fucking ruthless self critic ruthless I'm terrible like so I beat myself up about every thousand up flood one word on stage and I'll sleep when I'm next to you.

It was just taking property. Everybody's like me I might not know the type of guy I think I've proven I'll go up against people I get your 14 you're scared and you helped the Nazis she was so arrogant about it he set it on MP. George Soros over through all these different government trying to crash the pound George Soros is that is the archetype of James Bond villains and the fact that his money so unnerving a kid when I was like eight years old my mom always have color TV in the kitchen if she could bring those stop you can I stop you like crashing economies and when I was a kid watching PBS maybe they were lying and he's great George Soros was the international currency Speculator who overthrew government overthrow governments with what are you doing I'd literally know nothing about her.

Marshall we got here did George Soros break the bank of England make a little bigger please. He's a goddamn Google wizard look at them has been beat me a quick to it's very frustrating I can pull up Soros I can pull up BBC reports Soros crashes the British pound of trying about 10 years ago was digging through stuff for basically a garage sale was a garage sale going to give it away to Charities and you all these clothes I couldn't wear cuz I do want to get hurt anymore and I can't remember got into a a group of things and it was a Japanese bayonet there was a German officers dagger them up like two hundred bucks.

He also made me a fucking super dope skull he's got a really big team the German helmets have a Nazi helmet 20 or look about Hogan's Heroes Hogan's Heroes is goddamn sitcom about Nazis the sitcom about Nazis and prisoners of War when that was that I literally had a family member I'm really upset about what I found. It's like British medals u.

Defense family think because I had one Nazi party member metal yeah it'll be losing it is from a battlefield dead people puke it couldn't be any more interesting Darkness and Light comes out of it you make evil become good love you talk to the artist thought of doing this guy's stuff look at that eagle go back to that a bird with a fucking cylinders with the car so is that what it is first or the band. Hitler humanity and makes it beautiful yeah it's but but it is interesting that you can't own like you could never owned a Nazi flag or any like you could both my grandfathers.

Brian about family but you never Tom Landry my grandfather was UT football won state championships and track all of my mom's dad. Bartender the smallest girl and I showed her how to do a rear naked her shoes name is Kimmy and the strip club manager was your side like you used to be bought but yeah but used to be Punk until used to be football player type manager strip clubs looking big dude and he had a Corvette and he didn't believe when you get so tall and she said he said she could choke me out with one of them Jiu-Jitsu moves I'll give her the keys to my Corvette.

I thought that's what I'm getting at that people usually don't get the ground pop back up usually they hit the ground they're done and they need an ambulance right but he pop right back up like bitch you need to give her your Corvette. Check and I was like 13 tied up and she live down the street don't know if she goes like 12 and she goes I'll have sex with you is a true story I'll have sex with you if you like to put makeup on you so I'm going to guess everything I have sex with her and she's super hot and she goes.

Facebook relationship went really well until like 30 year old boyfriend caught me at our place once cuz your mom is working O Mine trying to kill me in the parking lot so I can put makeup on you are some of the things I have. Pull up Bobby Kennedy wanted to bomb the US Embassy in Honduras this is Declassified and so imagine you see hundreds of these and then a Sandy Hook happen in your lister's don't buy it and then it's a psychosis where then.

Which ones I want to talk about Apollo followers are they were practicing address to get to this next and I respect you and I want you guys to yell at each other for 3 minutes while I go pee I gotta pee yourself just hold will do I go first okay anyways you know what I'm saying this in your bad questioning I get it no you do get it but you know why because you know of course.

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I will get you to do this do this with my iPhone yes yes we're going to send someone else. I want to be the one to go to YouTube you really think do you really think there's people out there campaigning for late-term abortions you think that's it's real it's real life campaign does the craziest. On YouTube.

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Japanese like their foot in World War One to just go ahead and give him a message but she tells your brain everything is super toxic and so yeah monosodium glutamate like the stuff from Chinese food is that we would give them. Classify today Beyond class no I mean in Dallas. The point is is that Hitler was on the cover of Time Magazine and and he wants true unless that's a Photoshop that I saw the cover of Time Magazine too but not really wasn't just my grandfather was his other people my grandfather said it was really confusing for him because he he work for this guy that was in refrigeration air conditioning when he was in high school and his dad owned the car dealerships Dallas stuff they live there for Jerry Dallas and when did they tell you well through one reason he wanted in the butt by the temperature started to drop out of UT and you know all that and go join the Army Air corps teaches you tell me all this time I'm going to your grandfather is a little eccentric now like my relative burner von Braun.

Hitler was good and we never really bought into it and then I found out this a mentor of mine so that's what the Nazis would would do was extort and control so I kind of heard about that like a week during the summer and I was like eight-years-old orbital spacecraft with Landon Scrabble Texaco and he was a military base all these goddamn Nazis and you know one time I didn't want to do it but that guy smarted off about how big that bore better shooting airplanes down so I went ahead and just ran his head right to the wall and I never knew what happened after that so you just got to kill Nazis and his son of a bitch.

Define Wernher von Braun that's fine that they hadn't developed as soon as you see Red Skull Marvel comic they got a big bomb in Love New York wasn't a bomber it was a space point and it was about half the size it looks just like this. Allegiance said hey you always need a couple plants they said we've got all this on the drawing board to eat you a plan to poison the food and water to get rid of dumb people applying for off-world bases we've got by the way we're taking hardcore drugs or in contact with aliens how is it going to snow tonight was the Germans first got in touch with how they do it never really want to call French really into the temperature in Sebastian around him at all times on Jeep PhD level history books okay is the German Breakaway government just always the Germans the Brits fighting for dominance so what you're saying is when Operation Paperclip acquired all those Nazi scientist they essentially start running now so so NASA became like almost like an offshoot of the German government this offshoot government yeah the Germans had pal all the wealth away.

Churchill wrote about this in his Memoirs and said the Germans were way ahead it wasn't that the Germans were bad that is not too bad but it wasn't that they wasn't the Germans that first bomb Cecilia Targets in the Brits were losing the war Hitler was bombing there for their medical facilities military facilities and so they went and bombed German towns and German cities like I was the famous German City Dresden what was the designated safe for kids people died one night to trick Hitler to turn his bombers on the general population that I tricked him psychologically to do it but but but but Churchill.

They weren't bad they're pretty good but date Master manipulated him and never Chamberlain all of them and battle the British people in America to come in that deals with a with Roosevelt to didn't bring us into the war and that was the whole master plan you guys should go to the history and see all that that's what's so incredible Joe when you when you at when you have all this info and so Rudolf Hess.

I still love you I don't care.

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I don't care about that. This is not what I believe I love you for who you are I'm trying to tell you something listen.


Let's tell me how the connection between aliens and the Nazis took place when did all the start running again. I lost the woman I love. Oz's years but Merlin is the archetype Allure or or these magicians or these these Wizards are taking drugs in these temples and interfacing with these pelletier's is crystal balls with chocolate crystal balls star psychic focus of international connection while they're on drugs looking into glass to den be able to see the future.

Place: los angeles, usa. Movie in collections. Rise of the Zombies Duration: 89 min. Story: When zombies overrun San Francisco, a desperate group survives by locking themselves inside Alcatraz Prison. When the undead breach the island, our heros are forced to return to the mainland overrun with the undead. Style: scary, suspenseful , rough , serious , exciting.

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