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Come out of the shadows you scum! I suspected it! They have come for me! Party Member Attack Misses [ edit edit source ] What mimery to miss so! Are you the only one in league with them? Party Member Hit [ edit edit source ] I see it! Conspiracy unfolding! The long arm of shadow moves its pawn against me!


You have thrown in with them as well! Enemy Missed Party Member [ edit edit source ] Did you catch the signal? Your schemes to slay me are plain as day!

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Even the fiends conspire with you, yellow craven! Blocks move [ edit edit source ] I would rather wait and keep watch of the shadows. I would stay, your orders are cast in doubt.

Hold fast! They could be anywhere! Refuses to use Item [ edit edit source ] You aim to awaken it! No, I get a bad feeling when you're near. Where did you come from?

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You weren't here just a moment ago. Refuses to get Healed [ edit edit source ] How did you know I needed that? It reeks of conspiracy, coward. I am not the easy victual you take me for.


Refuses to get Buffed [ edit edit source ] That looks intended to weaken not invigorate. That might awaken it! I have read of such soul traps in forbidden scrolls. Refuses to Perform Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] I will not drop my guard, not even for you. Is this a trick then? A weak ruse, I should kill you Refuses to be Target of Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] What a clever poison, perhaps I can kill you with it later.

You threaten to awaken it! Wouldn't it be easier to kill me in my sleep? Refuses to Eat when Camping [ edit edit source ] Eventually it will devour one of you traitors. I'd rather starve than die painfully from your clumsy toxins. I am fine with what I packed for myself. Becoming Masochistic [ edit edit source ] Now I will know the dark delight of bloodletting, as it does!

Each scar is a blissful lesson to be meditated upon. Blood will transmute me! Transmute us all! Perhaps this violence will soothe it, keep it sleeping Finally the pain promised by what whispers dark inside me! Stressing Party [ edit edit source ] Death could hardly be sweeter than this agony! The more I bleed, the less I feel it, sadly.

Pain was the true key to my cell door. Switching Position to the Front [ edit edit source ] Perhaps now we can both die! Anyone with this burden would pursue death! Each drop of blood is treasured, sacred! Random Action [ edit edit source ] Multiply the bloodshed! Especially mine! Anything for more blood! Grim fortune make my flesh smile with blessed wounds! Camping Stress [ edit edit source ] Pass me the salt, my wounds have dulled.

A rested mind perceives a sharper agony. Ah to awaken and tear off fresh scabs. Marking Self [ edit edit source ] Here! Strike me here! I beg you Refresh this pain!

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Dig your talons and weapons into my flesh! Damaging Self [ edit edit source ] It's never quite as satisfying as when inflicted by another. Observe, fiends. This where it hurts the best. Please tell me you can do worse than this! Refuses to Retreat [ edit edit source ] This is my kind of bloodbath!

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This slaughter suits us both! And what? Return to the dull hamlet? Getting hit by Enemy [ edit edit source ] There are no tomes that describe the ecstacy I have just experienced. The relief of pain distracting me from its foul will Enemy Missed Self [ edit edit source ] A free man never begs for what he can take, and I can take it!


Abomination: the riotously high-camp opera about DUP homophobia

Next time make it count! Oaf, I'm right here! Party Member Hit [ edit edit source ] That was delicious. Positively invigorating. All that blood Can I be next? Blocks Move [ edit edit source ] This is where they like to swing! Too busy licking my own wounds.

Do not disturb this sweet agony! Refuses to use Item [ edit edit source ] What logic is there in soothing wounds? That stitching needle looks too thin. Refuses to get Healed [ edit edit source ] The pain helps steel me against its will. I will pull the stitches, then you may sew me again. I am nowhere near the bright agonies I crave. Refusing to get Buffed [ edit edit source ] The greatest alchemy is borne in sweet agony. Pain is what I owe for freedom. Hah, even the wheel couldn't break me! Refuses to Perform Camping Skills [ edit edit source ] Do not interrupt agony's sweet song!

Too busy re-salting my wounds! Only if you'll flog me. I found my self through torture and the blessed pain. Refuses to Eat when Camping [ edit edit source ] Starvation is a fine pain to savour slowly. Food would distract from the slow burn of my wounds. Is that lye? NO thank you.