The Other Way, Meditation Experiences Based on the I Ching

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Buy my I Ching Oracle book. The central idea behind the I Ching is that of flux or change. All things, including human affairs, are understood to change through time - they are born, develop, decay, die and are reborn in some new form. By studying these changes, we can recognize significant patterns of change e.

Change also involves relationships between opposites. The two most basic opposites are the principles of Yang and Yin. All change can be understood in terms of the relationship between Yang and Yin. When Yin and Yang are in balanced relationship, then life is harmonious.

When we follow a harmonious and connected path through life, then we are said to live in accordance with the Tao. There is also a reality beyond Yin and Yang. When using the I Ching oracle, these lines are used to create Hexagrams figures made up of six lines. Hexagrams are always constructed and read from the bottom to the top. Each line in a hexagram can be either Yang or Yin. The various combinations give rise to 64 different hexagrams. For the purposes of the divination, each different hexagram and every line in a hexagram has its own particular oracular meaning.

The Other Way: Meditation Experiences Based on the I Ching

Each hexagram is also understood as composed of two Trigrams figures of three lines. A hexagram's two component trigrams known as 'Above' and 'Below' are made up of the top three lines 4,5,6 and the bottom three lines 1,2,3 of the hexagram. These indicate the outer above and inner below aspects of the situation described in the hexagram. Additional trigrams, made up of lines 2,3,4 and 3,4,5 of a hexagram, are also understood to form a Nuclear Hexagram that gives further insight into the meaning of each reading.

The nuclear hexagram for Hexagram Adornment is therefore made up of Thunder upper and Water lower. The nuclear hexagram is believed to indicate something of the original hexagram's latent or hidden potentials. The interpretation of nuclear hexagrams will become much clearer when you use the Advanced I Ching Oracle. Each hexagram also has one or two governing or Ruling Lines. These are pivotal in the structure and dynamics of the hexagram and generally represent auspicious qualities. Most commonly, line 5 is a ruler but sometimes other lines take precedence. For Hexagram Adornment.

You begin your consultation by formulating a question. You can ask questions about situations in your own life, or about general situations, such as social, business or political events. You should NOT use the I Ching to ask questions on behalf of another person although, of course, you can consult the oracle about your own relationship with other individuals.

Astral Divination with the I Ching

Spend some time, reflecting on your thoughts and feelings about the situation, before formulating your question. Your question should be clear and precise. Do not assume that the oracle knows what you have in mind. Vague or ambiguous questions will get confusing or dismissive answers. Do not ask whether specific events will occur the I Ching is not intended for making predictions , but focus instead on how things will affect you, on how you should behave in the situation, or on what aspects are operating in events.

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If you do not get a clear answer to your initial question, then more focused follow-up questions are advised. Most importantly, you should approach the I Ching with an attitude of openness, honesty and respect.

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The I Ching has a very definite 'personality' of its own, as you will soon learn. If you use the I Ching in a trivial or inappropriate way, you are not only wasting your own time but you risk being confused or reprimanded by the responses you receive from the oracle. If you wish, you can type in your question this is not sent to us and remains completely private. You can also choose your area of inquiry, although this is also optional it does not affect the reading given. Traditionally, the I Ching hexagrams are constructed by throwing three coins six times, or by following a complicated procedure that uses 50 yarrow stalks.

Both methods are based on the assumption that the 'random' fall of the coins or division of the sticks in some way reflects the nature of the inquiry. From the perspective of Jungian Psychology this happens due to meaningful coincidence and an acausal connecting principle known as synchronicity. The coin oracle is the most commonly used, simply because it is quicker.

However, the yarrow stalk procedure is the more ancient, and is considered by many people to be more authentic. This is because the yarrow stalk procedure is more consistent with the underlying theory of the I Ching. With the advent of personal computers, software is increasingly used to simulate the traditional methods of casting hexagrams.

This has the advantage of convenience, speed and computational accuracy.

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It may seem strange to use a computer for this purpose, but in principle there is every reason to suppose that synchronicity operates just as readily in this way. Many people's experience is that computerized I Ching readings are just as valid and useful as those made using more traditional methods. Quick I Ching Oracle uses a simulation of the coin method to generate a basic reading. The Plum Blossom method uses your computer's current date and time to generate a reading this changes every minute.

You may prefer to use the Plum Blossom method if it seems that the present moment is somehow significant to your inquiry.

Advanced I Ching Oracle also gives an analysis based on both original hexagrams manifest circumstances and nuclear hexagrams latent potentials. To cast the oracle all methods , hold your question clearly in your mind. When you feel the time is right, click the GO button to cast the hexagram s. You may have your own way of getting into the right frame of mind for the divination. Some people like to use a simple meditation or some kind of personal ritual. In many readings but not all , the first hexagram changes into a second hexagram, due to the fact that one or more of the lines may change from a Yang to a Yin or vice versa.

If this is the case, you next interpret the reading for the changing lines. These give an indication of the dynamic or changing features in the situation.

The changing lines should be read in sequence from bottom to top. If a line appears to contradict the advice in the basic reading, the changing line takes priority. When the various lines give different advice, these may refer to a sequence of events, or may indicate genuine tensions in the dynamics of the situation. Finally, you read the second hexagram.

This indicates the way in which the situation may develop, or advice for the future. If the reading has no changing lines, you will have no second hexagram. This implies a situation that is fixed or static. In order to get full value from the reading, you should play with the ideas that are suggested, relating them to your situation and considering various interpretations.

This should be done lightly and intuitively, allowing your unconscious mind to suggest connections, associations and possible meanings. If you wish, you can also consult various books on the I Ching that give more detailed readings of the hexagrams see Bibliography. With the Advanced I Ching Oracle , the original reading which indicates the manifest circumstances relating to the question is supplemented with an analysis of the nuclear hexagrams.

The reading for these is approached in the same way as before, but this time the indications refer to latent potentials in the situation. These should be considered alongside the manifest circumstances to add depth and subtlety to the interpretation. I Ching Viewer is a sophisticated learning and research tool that enables you to examine various hexagram combinations and their associated readings. Simply click on the trigrams, hexagrams, hexagram lines, or changing lines to view the various readings that are possible. Analyses of the nuclear hexagrams to four levels are also provided.

Is the I Ching truly accurate? This enables you to learn and test your ability to determine the I Ching readings for your questions. To do this, a blind reading is cast for TWO different questions. There is always a fundamental change that occurs in your life when you're in the center. Society follows that. You're in the middle of the wheel at 18 years of age; that's often when people go to college, or when people go from being with their parents to being independent, or go from a town to a big town, or from a big city to a country town, or whatever form it takes.

It could be a geographic location change, career change, or it could be a personal transformation, or for example, you could have a major sickness that totally handicaps you, and the big change is you no longer have it. The key in that year is flexibility.

I Ching, Key Learning Experiences #1a, My

One needs to be flexible and open. The change can be gradual or just one event that suddenly changes everything. Heaven Metal Element Heaven is a year to cultivate yang. The Trigram is three yangs, meaning, very yang, which means you have tenacity. You face challenges and push through them. This is a yang year, firm and sustainable. This is a year of action. You have to be lively, you have to be persevering, you have to not let go being yang, having the courage to press forward and all. At that time life can be really demanding and nevertheless, you must keep investing in the future.

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Physical Weaknesses The metal element is activated this year meaning weaknesses in the lungs, large intestine, skin. The Stars erode the stamina of the lungs, large intestine, skin in the Heaven year. For the first time in my life I got pneumonia, in December.